Régiment de Hull requesting permission to train in the Bristol Municipality

Good morning Ms Peck,

Le Régiment de Hull is seeking the municipality of Bristol’s authorisation to do an exercise in the north of the municipality during the week end of 29 and 30 October 2016. We would be using the public  roads on the North of road 148. We will not be using private properties.

We will be approximately a total of  70 military personnel in 20 vehicles, but no more than 10 vehicles will be at the same time in the municipality of Bristol. We will be staying in the city of Quyon and therefore will not be in the area of Bristol during nights.

The Point of Contact for the R de Hull will be Warrant Officer Roger Forget (CCed) and myself. Please do not hesitate to ask us for clarifications if you need any!


Capt Francis Ménard Guy

Capitaine de Bataille, Le Régiment de Hull Forces armées canadiennes
Francis.MenardGuy@forces.gc.ca / Tél: 819-997-4025

Battle Captain, Le Régiment de Hull
Canadian Armed Forces
Francis.MenardGuy@forces.gc.ca / Tel: 819-997-4025